1 Land – The school is spread over 115 Acres. Consisting school main building, NCC office, Sports fields, cadets houses, staff quarters etc. Out of which 80 Acres belongs to the Central Govt. Ministry of Defence and 35 Acres belongs to Maharashtra Govt.
2 School Main Building – The School main building consist offices of Principal, Headmaster, Registrar. The Administrative Offices, Classrooms, Library, Laboratories, Multimedia Hall, Staff room etc.
3 Cadets Residence – 06 cadets’ houses accommodating 620 cadets. Houses are well equipped with all residential needs.
4 Cadets’ Mess – Well equipped mess has a dining capacity of 620 cadets plus 50 staff members at a time.
5 Auditorium – A well furnished auditorium is facilitating conduct of school functions, debate, quiz, declamation, elocution, drama etc. and other school celebrative events
6 Gymnasium – School has a well equipped and furnished gym with the required apparatus
7 Sports facilities – The school has almost all sports facilities viz indoor and outdoor games. Alongwith 09 playfields, school has basketball courts, volleyball court, football court, hockey court, lawn tennis courts, squash court, boxing ring, swimming pool, parade ground, stadium
8 CSD Canteen – The school has a well stocked CSD canteen for the cadets.
9 Riding School – The school has riding school where cadets are learning riding.
10 Residence – School has residential quarters for all staff members within the school premises.
11 Campus – The huge and beautiful pollution free campus is with full greenery, internal roads, and adequate water supply
12 NCC – School has Junior Division NCC Company and all cadets automatically become its member. Being NCC cadet, all cadets participate in NCC events.
13 (a) Drill (b) Riding
(c) Athletics (d) Hikes & Treks
(e) SSB Obstacle Course (f) National Cadet Corps
(g) Group Obstacle Course

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